Your technology. Simplified.

Rick Roberts is an expert in all things Apple and lots of things technology, with nearly twenty years of IT experience from corp to tiny. These days, he enjoys helping small businesses, creative workgroups and startups, non-profits, and individuals to demystify technology – get it out of the way, so to speak – and get down to work. Rick takes a mindful, intentional approach to technology to cut through the confusion and help you find and setup simple, elegant, just enough solutions. If you have tech questions or need an at-the-ready IT person, need buying advice, or want a clean, modern website that is beautiful and easy to update, he’s your guy.

Rick earned his tech chops in salaried positions at The Boston Consulting Group, Emory University, Google, and The Denver Post and with many wonderful clients, including recently The Gateway Center for the HomelessAxion Biosystems, Inet Systems, BrightHouse, The Design Lab, Southern Voice newspaper (now Georgia Voice), Abode Architect & Builder, AID Atlanta, and Blue Sky Ad Agency.


About the name

The real flying dingo is Crazy, Rick’s deaf little Australian Cattle dog. She is an amazing athlete who really does seem to defy gravity at times. She’s smart, agile, and friendly – a pretty good way to be. Rick adopted her from a kind deaf woman whose mission is rescuing deaf dogs. They’ve been a family for almost thirteen years.