I couldn’t gain weight even when I tried. My dad used to take me out for banana splits to bulk me up, and I didn’t gain an ounce. I was skinny all my life … until I wasn’t. Funny how that happens.

One year ago today at a routine doctor’s visit, I weighed in at a shocking 187 lbs., about 50 lbs. more than I’ve weighed most of my adult life. The shock from the scale and my doctor’s rudely delivered but real question to me about when my baby was due shamed me and spurned me to action once and for all.

I can report that since October or so I’ve weighed between 145 and 150 lbs., depending on the day and how much salt I had at dinner the previous night. My pants size has gone from 36 to 30 inches and my shirts and t-shirts from a men’s large to a men’s small. I feel amazing, sleep well, and have more patience. Blood pressure has returned to normal, and lipid numbers are good.

How’d I do it? Well, I have the luxury, in this instance at least, of being single and cooking just for me. I cleaned out my fridge and cupboard and discarded a ton without worrying about upsetting anyone else. The dog and cat didn’t give a whit.

I cleaned the cupboard of and stopped consuming simple carbs like rice, bread, flour, pasta, and potatoes, all sugar and sweeteners and anything with added sugar, all alcohol, anything dairy, and all processed industrial oils like canola, peanut oil, etc.

Now I cook almost all my meals and eat mostly fish, eggs, meat just once in a while, raw or dry roasted nuts, good fermented items like apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut, and unsweetened cashew nut kefir, a fuck ton of vegetables, and gallons of water.

The fats I use are olive oil, ghee, lard, and duck fat. At the start, I avoided sweet fruits, but I’ve since brought back berries, melons, and apples. I’ve also brought back a bit of dairy for my coffee once in a while when I’m out of the Califia creamer I prefer, pecorino romano cheese, and on a rare occasion like my Atlanta trip to see my friend Eddie or my recent work trip to La Jolla, I’ll allow myself some wine or a beer or two. I don’t purchase alcohol for my house anymore.

Dinner is early, usually between 5:00 and 6:00, and breakfast not until 8:30 or 9:00 or so. That gives me about 14 fasting hours each night.

I try to avoid artificial light in the evenings so that my body can get sleepy naturally when it’s supposed to and then I go to bed as soon as I feel sleepy. I usually get at least eight or nine hours of sleep each night.

And finally, I try to take a 30 - 45 minute walk about half an hour after each meal for relaxation and to soften the insulin spike that comes just about that time after eating. This is nothing too vigorous and certainly doesn’t require changing into different clothes. It’s just a walk.

So there ya go. Old dogs can learn new tricks. I hope I stay skinny and healthy. So far, so good.