I’m Rick Roberts. I live with a chill cat and my good dog in lovely Denver, where I try to lead a quiet life: reading, drinking delicious coffee, cooking simple meals, listening to music, walking, and writing sometimes.

I make my living as a sysadmin with a group of kind, smart people at a children’s education non-profit in Boulder.

The site

I think people should be the holder of their online presence on their own websites and domains they control rather than relying on the goodwill and longevity of platforms created by others who most certainly don’t have the public interest (or your interest) in mind. flying dingo is mine, the canonical me on the indieweb.

When I have something to say, I’ll say it here first.

… blogs are - or should be - a public manifestation of our stories. We may not wish to share it all, publish every chapter, but we need to be happy it represents “us” and adds to our legend. —Colin Walker, I Am Legend

The site name

The flying dingo is Noelle, aka Crazy, my beloved blue heeler. Deaf all her life, she’s never been hindered by it. I got her from Cathy Saye, a kind-hearted deaf woman who rescues deaf dogs. Thank you, Cathy.

Being deaf can be a death sentence to a dog. Breeders tend to put deaf dogs down because they think they will be unsalable. Shelters tend to put them down because they think no one will want them or they worry about liability issues. Potential adopters pass by deaf dogs in shelters because they worry that they won’t have the skills to care for them. —Cathy Saye

Crazy is in her golden years and no longer flies, but whew boy! did she defy gravity when she was young. It was amazing. I have proof.

Smart, agile, and friendly … a pretty good way to be, I’d say.

(We both miss Bonnie.)


I value your privacy and mine and have zero interest in collecting any kind of data here. flying dingo has no affiliate or referral links, ads, analytics, webstats, or trackers. I do link to a Google fonts style sheet and include iframes for occasional videos, so I imagine then that Google, YouTube, and Vimeo do, in fact, track where you click from and log your viewing. That’s on them. For me, though, if you like something I write or recommend, I’d prefer you email me about it. That’s how I’ll know. Thanks.

Tech nerdery behind the site for those interested in that sort of thing.

Thank you for reading.