In our new media reality, everything is in a Rashomon effect, and real discourse becomes impossible.

Antonio García Martínez, writing at Wired: FACEBOOK, SNAPCHAT AND THE DAWN OF THE POST-TRUTH ERA

For our survival, we must wean the world from the Facebook feed and other algorithmically fed news streams. Write a blog. Follow a blog. Read a newspaper. Pay for a newspaper subscription. Support journalism.

Where did Ireland go?

They’re sick of puritans. That’s where they went, and good for them. Bravo, Ireland.

Good morning, Internet. It’s Friday and a long weekend. Life is good.

delicious coffee

A Year of Weight Loss

A Year of Weight Loss

One year ago today at a routine doctor’s visit, I weighed in at a shocking 187 lbs., about 50 lbs. more than I’ve weighed most of my adult life. The shock from the scale and my doctor’s rude but real question to me about when my baby was due shamed me and spurned me to action once and for all  Read article …

pilea peperomioides

A little plantlet for my sister. My pilea peperomioides is prolific.

Home at last. My transportation this day has been my legs, taxi, moving sidewalk, train, airplane, and my car.

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

As much as I enjoy going somewhere new, or even not new, it’s still nice to get back home to my old dog. She’s in good hands with my sister and her family, but still  Read article …