This site hums along on a small Digital Ocean server running:

On the Mac & iOS:

  • Terminal on the Mac. Blink on iOS because it handles mosh sessions. It’s irritating and inconvenient to have your session ended if you leave the application in the background longer than iOS allows. Blink with mosh is the remedy to that.
  • Pixelmator on iOS and Acorn on the Mac for image editing
  • Coda: a nice integrated development environment (IDE) for macOS and iOS
  • Safari
  • ImageOptim for image compression

Key Services:

  • Digital Ocean: a reliable, easy-to-use cloud computing platform of virtual servers
  • Hover for domain registration and DNS. Also, they don’t kill elephants.
  • TinyPNG for image compression, especially from iOS where ImageOptim is not available (yet) and then Zipped to deal with the .zip file that is returned to iOS.
  • Pingdom to alert me if flying dingo goes down
  • Fastmail for email. I got tired of being a Google Apps customer after many years.