This site hums along on a small Digital Ocean server running:

  • Ubuntu server operating system
  • Ghost content management system (CMS)
  • nginx web server
  • MariaDB database server, a MySQL drop-in
  • Let’s Encrypt Certbot: a free, automated, and open certificate authority run for the public’s benefit. It is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group.
  • mosh is a mobile shell to allow persistent terminal connections from iOS.
  • automysqlbackup to make regular local backups of the database
  • awscli: a command line tool to sync to Amazon S3. I have a nightly cron job to sync my local database files that automysqlbackup makes, the letsencrypt directory, and Ghost content directory. It’s a good system.

On the Mac & iOS:

  • IA Writer for first draft writing. It’s a lovely, minimal, cross-platform writing environment.
  • Ghost Mac app and the excellent Phantom on iOS and sometimes the Ghost admin interface for posting
  • Prompt on iOS for quick fixes and Terminal on the Macintosh
  • Blink on iOS for longer work sessions because it handles mosh sessions. It’s irritating and inconvenient to have your session ended if you leave the application in the background longer than iOS allows. Blink with mosh is the remedy to that.
  • Pixelmator on iOS and Acorn on the Mac for image editing
  • Coda: a nice integrated development environment (IDE) for macOS and iOS
  • Transmit to move files to Amazon S3
  • Safari
  • ImageOptim for image compression

Key Services: