Rick Roberts

I’m Rick Roberts. I live with a chill cat and my good dog in lovely Colorado, where I’m reading, drinking delicious coffee, cooking simple meals, listening to music, and walking.

I make my living as a sysadmin with a group of kind, smart people at a children’s education non-profit in Boulder.

If you internet searched for the Rick Roberts who grew up in Helena, Arkansas, served in the Air Force in Hawaii, went to that cow college in Starkville, worked at Google, lived a bunch of years in Atlanta, and now lives in Colorado, I’m that guy. Say hi.

About the name

The flying dingo, photo of an Australian Cattle dog, black patch on one eye, ears tall

The flying dingo is Noelle, aka Crazy, my beloved blue heeler. She’s in her golden years and no longer flies, but whew! boy did she defy gravity when she was young. It was amazing. I have proof.

She’s smart, agile, and friendly … a pretty good way to be, I’d say.

(We both miss Bonnie.)


email: rick@flyingdingo.com

twitter: twitter.com/rickroberts

the flying dingo dispatch

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